Steps For Planning A Trip

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Planning a trip can be very difficult. Where shall we begin? And, what are the steps?

In the beginning, it is always a big deal; especially when you haven’t done something like this before. Therefore, in an effort to get US out the door and into the world, Our Universe is ready to present you this step-by-step guide to planning a trip. By this way, we will break the process down so planning becomes easier and less overwhelming:

Step 1 – Decide where you would like to go and pray for that!

It's always important to define where you want to go as specifically as possible. And it is also wise to ask God for some help.

The more specific you get, the more your dream will come true.

To begin with, you have to keep in mind this sentence:

'' I am going to ..... in ..... ''

Step 2 – Decide the length of time for your trip.

To be sure in everything you have to do. Always think about it: How long are you going for?

We shall be clear, after you say “I’m going to Dubai,” add “at least 7 days.”

Step 3 – Do not forget to research your costs

Make some relevant research online and look up costs. You shall know what style you want. In your way of life, are you able for backpacking or do you want luxury? Build a budget for your trip. Compare it to your estimated daily expenses.

Step 4 – When we are planning a trip, we shall start saving money

Usually, it is very important to create a spreadsheet and write all your current expenses.

By this way, we will be able to determine where we are spending money and how we can retire and cut back. In a notebook, you can analyze your spending. Figure out where you can cut. Therefore, it will be easy for you to come up with a daily savings goal.

If you need $3,000 for your trip you’re taking in seven months, that means you only have to save at least $14 per day as a minimum.

Step 5 – It is also nice to get a travel reward credit card.

If you get a travel credit card, you will be able to earn sign-up bonuses. By this way, you can redeem more miles and points for free flights and hotel stays. Generally, most cards have bonuses of 50000 points or even more. You can have this travel reward when you meet their minimum spending requirement. (Some great customers receive it often with $1,000 within a 3-month period). This amount of spending represents a lot of miles and it is enough for a free flight almost anywhere in the world. If you do it, you will be able to travel for as cheap as possible.

Step 6 – Another great tip for your travel:

Switch to No-Fee ATM Cards Save every extra dollar you can by using a no-fee ATM card. Some great travelers use Charles Schwab, but there are also other banks. To be more saved on that topic, you shall check your local banks. Maybe some of them don’t charge ATM fees. Additionally, you can join a bank in the Global ATM Alliance.

Step 7 – Stay Focused and Inspired

When you are well inspired, and prepared, you are almost ready. You are on your way to save money for your trip. Before you buy that flight or book that hotel, always check for more wonderful deals you might have missed. You may dream of Moscow but maybe there are great deals to Paris right now. You can get a seven-day cruise for 70% off, a package deal to Hawaii for the price of your flight to Paris, or 50% off sailing trips around Greece. It’s a big world, and there are lots of places I want to see, so if I end up choosing B over A, I’m happy! If you’re flexible too, make sure you look for any money-saving deals.

Step 8 – Now, it is time to book your flight.

Always make sure to book early. It will help you to ensure and get your desired flight. Here, you will find a list of relevant sites for finding cheap fares:

● Google Flights

● Momondo

● Skyscanner

In these websites, it is important to do it earlier in order to find the best deals. Therefore, it is better to book your flight about 3 months in advance.

Step 9 – In case you have already set a schedule, book your accommodation.

In this case, feel free to book accommodation for the duration of your trip. For those who are going to be traveling long-term, they have to book just the first few days. Normally, there are a lot of relevant websites. In this article, you can also find some of them. The following booking sites offer the best rates for accommodation:

● Agoda is well known in Asia

● Hostelworld



Step 10 – We shall verify if we have enough money when we are planning for our activities in the chosen country. Sometimes, we want to enjoy and we shall know how much they cost. Make any adjustments to your savings to be safe.

Step 11 – Go to your bank and tell the customer support that you are Traveling. Usually, it’s important to let your credit card companies know you will be overseas. In this condition, any transactions that you make will not be flagged as fraudulent. If you do this, the bank will not block your card.

Step 12 – After all, it is obvious that we have to pack.

Pack for your trip!

Step 13 – When it is time to go, thank God for everything and please enjoy your trip. Go on your trip and have fun! Do not forget your passport, and go to the airport, board your plane.

By using this article as a guideline, you can better organize and be ready for your trip. This list will help you stay organized as you prepare for your trip.

In the following article, we will present you how we can organize our pack.

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