Earn Money With CryptoTab

With CryptoTab, you can easily earn bitcoins using your browser.

Actually, CryptoTab is the world's first browser with a built-in mining function.

According to their clients, CryptoTab give us the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency just by visiting our favorite sites, watching videos, and chatting online.

If you want, you can try CryptoTab. Several experts let us understand that it is also the world's first browser with mining functionality.

As of April 2020, CryptoTab Browser already has more than 10 million users worldwide!

We only have to install the CryptoTab®️ browser and enjoy the increase in mining speed combined with the familiar interface and functionality of Chrome.

You can use this link to invite people and earn more money.


Why shall we use the CryptoTab browser?

Their official team have created a fast and lightweight web browser with integrated mining functionality.

The familiar user experience of Chrome is combined with an extremely high extraction speed.

Effortlessly, you can import your data from another browser and sync it across multiple devices.

You can also import your bookmarks, favorites list, history and extensions from any other browser, and continue browsing through the same user interface with additional mining functionality.

With this product, you can improve your browser with more than 150,000 extensions.

It means that it is great to configure your browser by adding extensions that meet your needs. You may add an ad blocker and security tools, in order to improve your performance online. You can install your own design themes and take advantage of many other possibilities.

Your navigator is accompanied by an integrated mining The CryptoTab browser includes a built-in mining algorithm. This tool will allow you to use your computer's resources more efficiently than in extension format. If you use it usually, it will increase up to 8 times the mining speed and increase the BTC gains.

With it, you will gain bitcoins yourself and you can invite friends so you can earn even more!

When inviting friends, explain that they should use the browser regularly to visit websites and social networks, watch online videos, etc. The extraction speed is higher when the browser window is active. This way, they earn more money while your income from your referrals increases, too!

When you use CryptoTab as your default browser to maximize your income, you will have more opportunity.

Mining speed increases when your browser is active. Therefore, we advice you to use the CryptoTab browser for your daily activities. You may also visit your favorite sites, or watch movies online and enjoy maximum mining power.

Normally, the CryptoTab browser uses processor resources more efficiently when the browser window is active. This way you can earn more money.

Here, you will find a brief explanatory video about CryptoTab.

You just have to watch this short promotional video to learn more about how CryptoTab works:

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Have a nice day!

Be blessed

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